MinIO (Amazon S3 API for Azure Blob)

Here is a quick guide to install the MinIO managed application from
Azure Marketplace for Azure Blob storage services.

Azure Marketplace

This guide outlines the steps required to install the MinIO managed application from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, providing Amazon S3 API compatible data access for Azure Blob Storage services.


Gather the following information before deploying MinIO from Azure Marketplace.

Deploy MinIO

After gathering the information in the prerequisites section, proceed to deploying MinIO managed application.

Search for MinIO Managed Application in Azure Marketplace

Using the search bar, search for "MinIO". See screenshot below. Select "MinIO (Amazon S3 API for Azure Blob)" in the search results page.

Deploy MinIO

"MinIO (Amazon S3 API for Azure Blob)" has a solution page with a "Call to Action" Create button in the bottom right hand section. Click this button to get started with MinIO managed application deployment.

Resource Manager is always the default deployment model for MinIO managed application for Azure. This option is selected for you by default. This field is displayed for all Marketplace solutions. Microsoft has provided more details on their deployment models here.

Provide Basic Details

Below are descriptions for each field on the Resource Manager screen:

Field Description Required
Autoscale Enable/disable auto-scaling of VMs. By default 3 VMs are deployed to meet Azure SLA requirements. (Note that MinIO will automatically scale down as workload decreases.) Required
Subscription Pay As You Go is the only available option. Required and Auto Selected
Resource Group A resource group is a collection of resources that share the same lifecycle, permissions, and policies. Learn more Required
Location Deployment region. Required

Authorize MinIO managed application

MinIO needs your Service Principal credentials to provision MinIO managed application for each of your storage accounts. Learn more about Service Principal here. Create Service Principal credentials using this link.

Field Description Required
Application ID Grants access to relevant storage accounts. Required
Application Secret Grants access to relevant storage accounts. Required

Select VM & Complete MinIO deployment

In step 3, pick the target instance on which you want to deploy MinIO Managed App on Azure.

In step 4, review the inputs that will be used to provision your MinIO managed application deployment on Azure. Finally in step 5, agree to the terms and complete the deployment.

Access MinIO

MinIO works with Access and Secret Key credentials. Azure refers to them as Azure Account Name and Azure Account Key.

  • You can obtain them from your Azure dashboard.
  • To Access MinIO via browser simply go to https://<your-azure-accountname>
  • To Access MinIO via CLI (Command Line Interface), Download MinIO Client for your architecture (e.g, Windows, macOS, Linux).
    • Configure mc :
      mc config host add myblobstore https://<your-azure-accountname> <your-azure-accountname> <your-azure-accountkey>
  • Also, SDKs for MinIO are available here.